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Maglumi 1000 is based on Flash Chemiluminescence technology. It is meant for the diagnosis of Thyroids, Fertility, Cardiac, Prenatal screen, Glycometabolism, Bonemetabolism, ToRCH, Tumormarkers, Anemia, Inflammation monitoring, Immunoglobulin, EBV, Kidney function etc. Its throughput is up to 120 Tests/hour. 144 samples and 15 different reagents can be load at a time, with continuous loading facility. Reagent area is provided with cooling facility.Liquid level and clot detection facility available. Reagents are Liquid stable with RFID technology for identification. Samples identifying with Barcode Reader (Optional) .System can connect with LIS. Wide menu with special parameters like Free Testosterone , GAD 65, Lp-PLA2, 17-OH progesterone, Tacrolimus , Cyclosporine , hs-TropI , HFABP, Aldosterone, Angiotensin , Plasma ReninActivity , Hepatic Fibrosis , Reverse T3 etc . Prenatal screen software for Maglumi 1000 is available for the first Trimester & Second Trimester risk analysis. Visit us on