Fully Automated Immunology Analyzer based on Elisa Monotest technology . Mainly using for Autoimmune and infectious disease Diagnosis . Each Test provided with single strip contains all the required reagents. Maximum 30 tests can perform simultaneously . Different parameters can perform together . Two separate metallic punchers for conjugate and other reagents to reduce carry over contamination . Two separate dispensers for conjugate and other reagents to minimise carry over . Two separate washers for better T.M.S and to reduce reagent wastage ' Eazy protocol for daily usage and maintenance . Reagent and sample identification through Bar code reader . LIS connectivity for better convenience. All the reagents are Liquid stable and provided with calibrators and Internal controls. Master curve concept for reagent calibration . Calibration adjustment with one or two calibrators and calibration stability for 28 days . 24 Tests/ 36 Tests packs for better reagent inventory and minimise the wastage of reagents . Single test cartridge to avoid reagent contamination and evaporation . Wide menu with Autoimmunity , Infectious , Thyroids,Fertility,Anaemia,Fertility,Bone Metabolism,Cancer markers etc. Special parameters like AMH, C-ANCA, P- ANCA , Anti Cardiolipin , ANA , dsDNA,Anti tTG , ToRCH IgG & IgM , Measles,Mumps,VZV,Parvovirus, Borrelia, Tetanus, etc available . Dengue IgG , IgM & NS1 is expected soon . Malaria screen is under development.