Maglumi 800

Maglumi 800 is based on Flash Chemiluminescence technology . It is utilizing Non Enzyme Luminol and Magnetic particle technology for solid phase. It is meant for the diagnosis of Thyroids, Fertility,Cardiac,Prenatal screen, Glycometabolism, Bonemetabolism,ToRCH,Tumormarkers,Anaemia,Inflammation monitoring,Immunoglobulins,EBV,Kidney function etc. It is a fully automated Random analyser with stat facility. Its throughput is up to 180 Tests/hour . 40 samples and 9 different reagents can be load at a time , with continuous loading facility. Reagent Area & Sample Area is provided with cooling facility.Liquid level and clot detection facility available . Reagents are Liquid stable with RFID technology for identification . Samples identifying with Bar code Reader .System can connect with LIS. . Calibrators and Internal controls are provided in the kit . Automatic dilution facility with preferable ratios . Mater curve Technology used for assay calibration . Wide menu with special parameters like Free Testosterone , GAD 65,Lp-PLA2,17-OH progesterone,Tacrolimus , Cyclosporine , hs-TropI , HFABP, Aldosterone,Angiotensin , PlasmaReninActivity , Hepatic Fibrosis , Reverse T3 etc . Prenatal screen software for Maglumi 800 is available for the first Trimester & Second Trimester risk analysis.