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Fully automated Blood Culture system . Designed to detect microbial growth from Blood specimens or sterile body fluids. Using colorimetric detection technology . Using Resin in media for antibiotic neutralisation system . Using multi layer plastic bottles to minimise accidental breakage and spillage of bottles. 32 bottles can load simultaneously. Bottles can be load continuously. Continuous monitoring for every individual bottles at every 10 minutes intervals . Continuously agitation and incubation of bottles improve rapid growth of organisms. Real time growth curve is visible. Dual bar code management system to avoid errors during daily operation. Compact design with built in computer and external touch screen facility. Audible , visible light and colour alarm for better easy operation Offers Aerobic , Anaerobic , paediatric , L-form bottles for different type of organisms and different volume of samples . System can be connect to LIS. FOR, hemoglobin analyzer price, hemoglobin analyzer portable, hemoglobin analyzer manufacturer, hemoglobin a1c analyzer, automated hemoglobin analyzer, portable hemoglobin a1c analyzer, portable hemoglobin digital analyzer, analyzer for hemoglobin, hemoglobin analyser price contact us for more information.