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H8 - Haemoglobin Ana

H8 - Haemoglobin Analyser (HPLC)

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H8 - Haemoglobin Analyser is a Fully automated system , based on High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method . No sample preparation and very little Hands - on time required by the operator for H8 Analyser. HbA1c is widely recognised as Gold Standard to monitor diabetes, which can indicate the average plasma glucose concentration over 8 – 12 weeks. HPLC method is considered as the Gold standard for the estimation of HbA1c . H8 can report HbA1a , HbA1b , HbF , LA1c , HbA1c , HbA0 peak areas and ratio , with Variant window graph . H8 reports HbA1c in NGSP , IFCC units and eAG in the print and on the system screen . H8 is certified by NGSP and IFCC for HbA1c analysis . Sample results getting within 2.2 minutes. Primary tube sampling with Cap piercing facility on H8 . Fully automated start up , maintenance and shut down for ease of use . Barcode scanner for sample identification .Better precision < 1.5 % CV for HbA1c analysis. 10 samples can load at a time , with an easy sample loader . Pre diluted sampling facility available .HbA1c measurement (reportable) range is 3 % - 18 % . Eluent A , Eluent B , Eluent C , Haemolysing Reagent along with Calibrators & Qc ensures better accuracy and Better precision on H8 Haemoglobin Analyser.

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