H9 - Haemoglobin Analyser (HPLC)

H9 - Haemoglobin Analyser (HPLC)

The fully automated Lifotronic H9 haemoglobin analyzer offers the fastest available throughput of HbA1c result...

AVE-772 Fully Automated Integrated Urine Analyzer

AVE-772 Fully Automated Integrated ...

SPECIFICATIONS : • Throughput Chemistry 240T/H Microscopy 50-120T/H Chem+Micr...

AVE-562 Fully Automated Feces Analyzer

AVE-562 Fully Automated Feces Analy...

* Physical Exams: Image Stored; * Sample Preparation: Diluted, Mixed, Filtrated and Recycled; * Formed Ele...


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    Optical Coagulation Analyzer It is used with the Wondfo company Optical Coagulation analyzer test card. These tests include: Prothrombin Time (PT), Ac

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    H8- Haemoglobin Analyzer The H8 consist high operating pressure to perform a test in less than two minutes. It gives an alarm if any variant hemoglobi

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    Fully automated Blood Culture system . Designed to detect microbial growth from Blood specimens or sterile body fluids. Using colorimetric detection t

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